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You are invited to promote your restaurant and inform customers about promotions, special menus, etc....

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We want to introduce our Buffet website: Our idea is to promote buffet restaurants in Thailand.
Now many people like to eat buffet because they enjoy eating good food, no waiting, many choice, new tastes and unlimited supply. Some people want to eat buffet in a big group like wedding or company groups other people come in smaller groups or pairs.
Our website provides information such as: Pictures, promotions, special menus, prices, times, etc. We also have a newsletter to inform about new promotions or special menus. The website is in Thai and English to attract locals as well as foreign visitors.

We also want to promote your buffet restaurant. Therefore we ask you to send us your pictures and buffet information.

The following options are available:

  1. Advanced: If you want to advertise your restaurant with pictures and inform about promotions and menus, use the newsletter we collect a small fee per year.

  2. Professional: Professional advertisement includes photo-shooting and writing reviews and recommendation.

  3. Banner advertisement

Finally I would like to express my sincere thanks for your kind consideration. I am looking forward to hear from you. We hope than we can work together and make many people enjoy good buffet.
Good luck and success for your restaurants.

Buffet Thailand


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Buffet-Thailand is looking for partners and we are interested in cooperation. For more information about advertisement, banners adds, etc., please contact us at:

Buffet  Thailand
Phone: +66 81 481 6679
Email:  mail@buffet-thailand.com


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